When working with my young friends at Yoga Preschool, I often pause and think, “how can I add more magic to this moment?” Maybe it’s in pretending we’re all tiny mice sneaking by a cat, or we’re flying through the air as owls, or I’ve just heard a Gingerbread Baby laughing and calling us to catch him if we can. Sometimes it’s in encouraging the kids to roll down hills on the way to the playground or to become “claws” and “diggers” (a favorite) while we’re cleaning up. Sometimes it’s pausing to note a spider web gleaming in the sunlight, a worm wiggling in the dirt, or the feeling of strong winds blowing during a particularly powerful gust. Taking a breath and finding a way to add a little magic to a moment helps me see it all around us. (My 3 and 4 year old friends make this an easy task!) Wishing all of you a magical day!