I Don’t Believe in “Teaching.”

“Teaching does not make learning…Learners make learning.” -John Holt

I don’t believe in “teaching.”

As someone who has identified as a “teacher” for much of my life, even currently, it may seem odd that I don’t believe in “teaching.” I know learning. It happens every day, every moment, and is just one of those innate, human things that occurs–no-matter-what. Learning is a given. It’s the whole idea of “teaching” that is the fallacy.

Can people inspire others to want to learn about various topics? Yes! Can people share information about various topics with others? Yes! Can people force others to learn or pour information into their heads and ensure that a topic is learned in the manner intended by the “teacher?” Nope. And thank goodness!

“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” -John Holt

We are each on our own learning journey. We each have our own path. While I don’t believe in “teaching,” I do believe in the power of learning with others. I adore learning about all sorts of topics with children, which is why I chose the career path of being a “teacher”–or, perhaps more accurately stated, a “learning facilitator.”

I view my role at Rochester Yoga Preschool as someone who works to support children in exploring topics of interest to them (which they have chosen); someone who facilitates interactions between children to support them in creating their own community of peers; someone who gathers resources and activities on topics of interest to children that *may* engage and inspire them to delve more deeply into those topics (as well as someone who recognizes when such activities are not of interest and flows with children on to new activities better suited to that moment); someone who is open and attentive and works to support children in understanding and meeting their individual needs; and someone who encourages, inspires and works to empower children and assist them in confidently taking and/or maintaining the lead in their own learning journeys.

My biggest passion is learning, which is probably why I love spending so much time with young children. They may be the most curious and enthusiastic learners on the planet, and I feel blessed to be able to learn alongside them, every day.

Photo by Kate Aquino Losito.


8 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe in “Teaching.”

  1. So true!! I create a lot of learning products and those we create for the classroom are delivered by “facilitators” who facilitate the activities and deliver the information, and the participants learn it or they don’t. It’s all up to the person. These learning products are for adults who have been trained to learn from a teacher their whole lives yet we respect their role in the learning process and our role as facilitators of the learning. You’re giving children that same respect and understanding of the process. It’s awesome to see and be a part of!!

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    • Thanks Michelle! My favorite thing about learning tools (books, toys, games, items found in nature, and just about everything and anything else) is observing the limitless manner in which children utilize them. And I love that learning products or tools have no age limits! Thank you for reading this! (Edited because I just now realized who you are, and noticed you mentioned products for adults, lol!!)

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  2. Congratulations on your new blog! What a great beginning topic. Learning really is all in the hands of the learner and as a teacher, it’s easy to forget that at want to take over the process. I look forward to learning more from you!



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